The Perks of Working From Home

“Oh, I could never work from home!” People say. “I would never get anything done! I would be bored! I would be lonely!” All of these are simply not true. There are countless perks when it comes to working from home. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Household Management. Need to throw a load of laundry in? Need to be at home for a plumber, or an electrician? You’re already there.
Fewer Interruptions. Are you tired of someone walking up to your desk every five minutes to chat? Do you find yourself trapped in the break room when you really need to work? Work from home, and you choose the level of communication – and the personal nature of it.
Work At Your Own Pace, Mostly. Do you naturally get up at 4 am everyday? Are you a night owl, and can’t function before 10 am? While not all work from home opportunities afford you this flexibility, some do – and the benefits of setting your own pace and hours could mean an increase in productivity.
No One Knows You’re Not Wearing Pants. Pajamas until noon, leggings every day… unless you’re in a work from home position where you jump on a video conference every day, no one knows what you’re wearing. Do we need to say more?