Protest Yourself Against The Flu

Sick couple catch cold. Man and woman sneezing, coughing. People got flu, having runny nose.

You can get the flu vaccine almost anywhere. Engineered to help protect you from both flu B strain and flu A strain, the flu vaccine changes every year as scientists try to stay ahead of the illness and keep people safe.

Still, millions of people don’t get a flu shot every year. They feel it’s a waste of time and money, and if they’re going to get sick, they might as well avoid the cost and the stab.

So, in the 2020 flu season, is it worth getting the flu shot to help protect you from both the flu A strain and flu B strain?

Every Year Flu Season Gets Worse

It feels like every year, the news tells you that the flu season is worse than the year before. And it’s true! We live in a world that is more connected every single day, and it is easier than ever to spread a virus.

The 2020 flu season is one of the worst, with hospitals reporting early cases in July of last year. July! That’s incredibly early for the flu season.

In addition, the flu B strain was seen very early. While the flu B strain is generally not deadly for older adults, it is very dangerous for children and young adults. Children who get the flu B strain are more likely to get sicker and more in danger than those who get the A strain.

Completely Different from Last Year

Last year, the A strain made a bigger impact, while the flu B strain was barely seen at all. This flu season, it’s clear that there was a big shift.

While the flu shot going around isn’t perfect, it’s estimated that it protects about 60% of those who take it against this more intense flu B strain. While only you and your doctor can determine if getting the flu shot is right for you this season, a 60% chance of not getting sick when you otherwise might for a quick stop into a local pharmacy will always be a yes for me!