How to Protect Your Eyes from Strain While Working at a PC

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who sit on their computer all day long from work, just to spend their time off at the computer as well, you’re probably suffering from eye strain.

Your eyes are incredibly important. Without sight, life is a huge struggle! Protecting your vision when you sit at your computer should be a major priority for you, so continue on to find out our best tips for keeping your sight at its best.

Get Checked Regularly

It’s important that you’re using the right prescription, so make sure you do go to your eye doctor annually and get the best eye exams you can find. That budget and discount place on the corner might be ‘fine’, but your sight isn’t something to mess around with.

Get the best eye exams you can, and make sure you invest in quality glasses. You use them every single day, so why cheap out?

Take Breaks

It isn’t healthy to sit at a computer for 8+ hours a day without moving! Make sure you’re taking frequent breaks away from your screens… looking from your PC to your phone doesn’t count, no.

Find a spot on a wall far away and focus your eyes on that point for at least a full minute every hour. Giving your eyes another point to focus on, away from your bright screen, can really help!

Turn Down Your Brightness

There’s a good chance your phone or monitor is just too bright. After getting the best eye exams and breaking frequently, check your brightness settings on your PC or screens. Turning it down even a little can make a big difference in how your eyes feel at the end of the day!