Famous Athlete David Beckham Suffers With Asthma

David Beckham

As we enter allergy season, many people struggle with not only the occasional runny nose, but their asthma starts to act up more than ever.  It makes you wonder, am I the only one struggling with this condition or are there others like me out there that struggle too?  You’d be surprised to know that many professional athletes are burdened with the inability to effectively breathe on their own.   These athletes are some of the most successful in the world.

One of those famous athletes is David Beckham. David was exposed for having asthma when he was photographed in 2009 using an inhaler.  Prior to that photo being released, he had not spoken publicly about his condition.  “Sometimes I have good days and bad days,” Beckham said, according to The Telegraph. “I’ve never hidden it but it’s something I’ve had for a good few years now. I hope it turns into a positive because I’ve been able to play for many years with the condition. I know there are many other players who have overcome it, such as Paul Scholes.” Paul Scholes is another well-known soccer player.

Beckham is now retired but continues to keep in top physical shape.  Over the years he has developed strategies for attacking the condition head on and has been successful in limiting any severe issues related to his asthma diagnosis.