6 Fun Facts About Football Star Trevor Lawrence


With less than two weeks to go before the NFL draft, former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is gearing up for a big night. 

The 21-year-old is all but guaranteed to be the number one overall pick when the 2021 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 29, which means he’ll be playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars come fall. 

While the expectations for Lawrence are crazy high, he proved himself to be an incredible football player during his three years at Clemson. If he continues doing what he did throughout his college playing career, Lawrence is in store for big things! 

So, as we anticipate his NFL stardom, here are a few things you need to know about the football phenom. 

Broke Deshaun Watson’s High School Records

While playing at Cartersville High School in Georgia, Lawrence broke Deshaun Watson’s state records for passing yards and touchdowns. In fact, Lawrence threw for over 13,900 yards and 161 touchdowns.

His Friends Call Him “Sunshine”

Because of his signature long hair, which resembles the character of Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass from Remember the Titans, Lawrence’s teammates nicknamed him “Sunshine.” Not only do they both have long blonde hair, but they both also play quarterback. Pretty fitting if you ask us!

Chose the Number 16 For a Reason

Like a lot of football players his age, Lawrence grew up a huge fan of Peyton Manning. Because of his love of Manning, Lawrence decided to wear the number 16 when he started his college career at Clemson. Manning wore the number 16 when he played for the University of Tennessee.

Lawrence and Manning actually met when Lawrence attended the Manning Passing Academy in high school. Lawrence then served as a mentor at the camp while he was in college. 

Broke a 30-Year Drought

Back in 2018, Lawrence became the first freshman quarterback to lead his team to a National Title since Jamelle Holieway did it in 1985 with Oklahoma University. However, despite winning a National Championship as a freshman, Lawrence actually never won the Heisman Trophy, which is given every year to the best college football player. In fact, the closest he came to winning was when he finished second in 2020 to Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith. 

He’s a Married Man

Lawrence proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Marissa Mowry, at Memorial Stadium in Clemson back in July 2020. The pair went to high school together in Georgia and stayed together throughout college. The couple then tied the knot on April 10, 2021, which just so happened to be the same day Lawrence was supposed to undergo his NFL medical exam. Guess he had better things to do, huh!

Already Giving to Jacksonville

Following the news of his wedding, countless Jackson Jaguars fans sent Lawrence and Mowry wedding gifts and donated to their favorite charities. Despite the fact Lawrence hasn’t officially become a member of the Jaguars family, the fans couldn’t wait to welcome him with open arms. 

In order to thank the fans for their kindness, Lawrence announced he and his wife would be donating $20,000 to various charities in Jacksonville.